Thailand Bandwidth & Connections

Bandwidth usage in Thailand has increased dramatically. Taking a look at the stats for internet or in-country bandwidth in 1998 amount to a mere 56GB per day.This increased to more than 7,600 GB per day by 2004. The latest stats for domestic bandwidth usage has not been released as yet but considering Moores Law it must have more than tippled  its 2004 levels.

International bandwidth has doubled every second year and with the advent of cheap broadband this has made it increase even faster. In 2001 Thailand had a total of 642 Mbps, by 2003 this total stood at 1,432 Mbps and a total of 2,398 Mbps by 2004. Local domain name usage has also increased with only 1,100 domain names registered in Thailand in 1997 to more than 14,200 by 2004. The great majority of these being the country suffix which makes up more than 70% of the Thai domain names bought.

The current International bandwidth for the whole country is 11Gbps. The domestic exchange total bandwidth is close to 100Gbps. The number Internet users, according to the National Statistical Office, seems to be too conservatively estimated, with less than 2% growth for the year 2005/2004. There is no recent estimate from the NSO.

From my own estimate, I’d rather take a less conservative approach than the NSO, and apply a growth of Internet users to be about one-third the growth of the International bandwidth. There was a high growth in the international bandwidth in the year 2005 (126%), which can be related to the growth of the users of about 42.2%. The growth of the International Bandwidth for 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 seems to be slow down, while domestic bandwidth enjoys a bigger average growth-rate.

By a conservative estimate, we may ignore the domestic bandwidth growth and assume that the growth of Internet users should be something between zero and the growth of the International bandwidth. To be more conservative, we may assume that 60% of the growth of the International bandwidth is for existing users (because they consume more bandwidth each year), while 40% of the growth go for new users. We can also take the average growth of the Internet bandwidth in the past two years (2005/2006/2007) which is about 45%, a slowed down when compared with the 2002-2005 period, and make it even more conservative as a statement: “growth of the Internet users is one-third of the growth of the International bandwidth”, then we may apply 15% growth in the past two years. This results in the green curve in the graph below, with the number of Internet users in Thailand in 2007 to be around 13.15 million people.


International & Domestic Bandwidth

Month/Year International Bandwidth (Mbit/s) Domestic Bandwidth (Mbit/s)
08/2012 405,860 1,006,140
12/2009 104,595 619,317
12/2008 55,095 251,091
12/2007 22,073 157,010
12/2006 9,909 53,773
12/2005 6,808 28,721
12/2004 3,006 21,379



International Gateways

There are seven international Internet gateway operators in Thailand.

Code Name Operator
IIG-CAT International Internet Gateway CAT Telecom
IIG-TOT International Internet Gateway TOT
TIG-IIG True International Internet Gateway True Internet
TTGN-IIG TT&T Thailand Global Network Gateway TT&T
IIG-ADC ADC International Internet Gateway Advance Datanetwork Communications
CSL-IIG CS Loxinfo International Gateway CS Loxinfo
SBN-IIG International Internet Gateway Super Broadband Network


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