Internet Statistics for Thailand

Internet Statistics for Thailand

Internet Statistics for Thailand is very interesting for a number of reasons. The latest research shows that there are currently just over 7 million internet users in Thailand or better put 12% of the population is online. Of these internet users, only 27% are in Bangkok while the remainder is spread across the country.


Maxnet Internet Service

Maxnet is a brand operated by the Thai company called TT&T now called 3BB. The company traditionally focused more on provincial customers since they did not have broadband internet coverage in Bangkok. However, this is rapidly changing with the introduction of many new nodes covering Bangkok. Maxnet is the most important counterpart of TOT, offering


True Internet : Thailand

True Internet (formerly: Asia InfoNet) – True Internet provides a wide range of internet services including traditional dial-up, ADSL (from 128 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s), Cable Modem, G.shdsl/SDSL, leased line, MPLS and Wi-Fi. True utilizes both CAT IIG and its own international gateway.


Spam and Viruses in Thailand

With the ever increasing use of the internet in Thailand, the amount of spam generated and received has increased. Viruses are another problem which is growing by the day. Most ISP’s in Thailand now filter the mail for viruses however many still use online webmail which open another problem.