Spam and Viruses in Thailand

With the ever increasing use of the internet in Thailand, the amount of spam generated and received has increased. Viruses are another problem which is growing by the day. Most ISP’s in Thailand now filter the mail for viruses however many still use online webmail which open another problem.

During November 2004 the Bagle Virus infected more than 3.3 million computers in Thailand. Viruses have not slowed down when looking at the stats from the GITS (Government Information Technology Infrastructure). The virus incident reported collection via Mailcleaner, virus and spam mail screening and cleaning service offered by the Government IT Services (GITS), during year 2003 to 2004 (as of November 2004) indicated that Mydoom.F was the majority type of infected virus in year 2004 with a share of 12%, whereas Netsky.Z and Mydoom.A came as the second and third major type of infected virus with a share of 10% and 9%, respectively. In addition, the report revealed that the highest infected rate has occurred in September 2004.

Internet Crime Statistics in 2011 in Thailand

Types                                     Total

Abusive content                       80
Availability                                6
Fraud                                       316
Information gathering              88
Information security                 0
Intrusion Attempts                   91

Intrusion                                  0
Malicious code                         68
Other                                      11

Total                                        660

Country Report. Bangkok, Thailand: Technology Crime Suppression Division.


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