KSC Commercial Internet

KSC Commercial Internet Co.,Ltd (KSC). Founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Internet Knowledge Center Co., Ltd. (IKSC) and the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), KSC was the first commercial Internet service provider (ISP) in Thailand.

The year that followed KSC played a major role in building Thailand’s Internet infrastructure, earning the company a reputation for fast, stable Internet access and innovative Internet solutions for both individual and corporate customers. There are a number of packages available with KSC Internet. These range from home users to business users. The most common package with KSC is the Web Surfer Package:

KSC Web Surfer V.3 is a premium range package from Internet KSC, which provides the users with the maximum efficiency of service and high Internet technology.

  • Speedy with the large bandwidth of international linkage 400 Mbps.
  • Easy to connect with a large number of telephone lines.
  • Support 56 Kbps modem and V.90, V.92 modem (support Internet connection only).
  • Easy to re-activate You can maintain your current Username and E-mail by purchasing a new pack of Web Surfer V.3 to refill your account or bring your Access Card to re-activate your account via KSC’s service points, namely, Counter Service, PayPoint, Krungthai’s ATM machine, Bualuang phone service, or the online payment via credit card


Special Privileges for KSC Broadband Prima subscribers;


Single Login Name, one login name are able to connect at home, at KSC Hotspot locations and all over the world.

Free On-site maintenance service for 1 year (Numbers of times is up to Internet speed).

Free ADSL Router Billion BIPAC 5200G (Wireless Enabled) and wireless Internet connection support installation service 5,000 Baht.


On-site Maintenance
E-mail Account
Accounts E-mail Storage (MB)
512/256 1 5 1,000
1024/512 2 10 2,000
2048/512 4 20 4,000
4096/512 5 30 6,000

Combined with special discount and additional benefits;

Free customized E-mail accounts (username@domain.th.com) and manageable E-mail storage among group E-maill. (Numbers of E-maill accounts and E-mail storage are up to Internet speed)

Unlimited usage hours and unlimited data transfer.

Ensure with Antivirus/Antispam system for E-mail service.

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