Ecommerce in Thailand

From year 1997 onwards, the Thai IT market is expanding continuously with an average growth rate of 17% annually. The total market for 2004 is estimated to be 103,191 million baht, with the share of hardware, software and IT services at 66% (69,193 million baht), 17% (17,934 million baht) and 17% (18,064 million baht), respectively.

Over the past seven years, hardware market hold the biggest share at the average of 62%, followed by IT services at 20% and software market at 18%. In terms of growth, hardware market grows the fastest at 21%, while software and IT services grow at 17% and 12%, respectively. From the demand side, during 1997-2004, the government, manufacturing, and telecommunications were among the major IT spenders. Their spending individually ranges from 14-16% of the market. From the household side, the home use accounted for 16% of the market, whereas health care and hotel appeared to be the least spenders, with the spending together accounted only approximately 2% of total market. The total value of software market in 2003 was reported at 14,129 million baht. The major source of spending came from a manufacturing sector and a government sector, each accounted for approximately 18% of the market, followed by an education sector (14%). Those sectors, with spending less than 5% were agriculture (3%), entertainment (2%), health care (1%) and transportation (1%).

Also note finally that if you are going to be selling online in Thailand to Thai citizens then you have to have a registered company and a license to sell online which must be displayed on the website which you are selling from. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand about the registration process and e-commerce and the laws of Thailand.
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